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7 Best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

As we all know hair is the mandatory thing that enhances your personality, charm and grace, but nowadays people are experiencing majorly hair loss due to many reasons like chemicals, medication, depression etc. It is important to know the importance of your hair and do not try hard chemicals or hard medicines; here we bring the pure and natural method to grow hairs rapidly. There is numerous herbal oil and natural extract oil which are act like the crazy to grow hair faster without harm health or scalp. Natural oil is the pure and natural myth used by many people which have seen multiple benefits for hair, let us reveal this secret myth and know the 7 best hair oils for faster hair growth and gleamed effect naturally.

Below there are 7 amazing, useful, beneficial and best hair oils for faster hair growth.

1. Coconut oil

This is the oil assist to protect the protein nutrients of hair and is commonly known as the best oil for hair growth. Coconut oil has contained antioxidants, vitamin E, and natural conditioner, which all together work for hair damage recovery and make hair growth faster.

2. Sesame oil

It is the oil responsible for providing deep nourishment towards scalp and hair at the same time. Sesame oil is very rich with the properties of antiviral, anti-inflammatory factors and complete natural antibacterial. Thus, it is used in a high amount in different herbal treatment for hairs, amazing oil has blessed properties of anti-microbial which are highly and only responsible for treating scalp infection together with fungal infections.

3. Castor hair oil

Minerals, vitamin E, and protein are packed in castor oil, it also acts as the anti-microbial factors to help you get rid of scalp infection which led towards dandruff. Castor oil is known as the enemy for dandruff. Ricinoleic rich castor oil is a perfect fit to cure scalp with fungal infections and disease of the scalp.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil has contained a great concentration of antioxidant which is the best fit for skin and hair at the same time. Due to too much light in weight together with all properties of an oleic acid, that start functioning by first penetrating in hair shafts and then lock the moisturizers in the deep scalp.

5. Argan oil

This oil is also known as the miracle for hair because of its extraordinary properties to nourish and repair hair damage. This oil carried antioxidants, best oil that hydrates and moist in the deep scalp to recover damage and grow hair faster.

6. Bhringraj hair oil

This oil is prepared with the combination of bhringraj leaves, sesame oil, and Eclipta Alba to stop hair loss with high concentration, it also helps to prevent hair from growing grey and dull. Faster hair growth is the best property of bhringraj oil, there are many experts and specialists prescribe this oil for faster hair growth and best for all hair related problems.

7. Jojoba oil

The extract of shrub native in the form of liquefied wax known and termed as jojoba oil, it is extremely rich and full of Vitamin D, E and Vitamin A. due to the high concentration of healing and moisturizing factors, jojoba oil is best fit for skin and hair. This herbal oil has the property for growing hair speedily.


Oiling hair twice in a week will surely give you best result as the experts are sure about the fact that such hair oils act great with hair, these are beneficial to allow you best, shiny, long hairs. In my view oils are the best treatment which is besides very reasonable in your pocket but delivers best and satisfied results.